Integrating low-resource Languages into ICT

Integrating low-resource Languages into ICT

What is the potential of integrating low-resource languages into Education Technology-edutech?

Low-resource languages are languages that lack data for machine learning or other related processing. African languages are on the list of low-resource languages among some Indian and Arabic languages.

For example, sentiment analysis systems are developed for rich languages such as English, French, Chinese etc but not for low-resource languages such as Shona, Oshiwambo, and other Bantu languages. To analyze low-resource text one must first translate the text to a higher-resource language to apply their algorithms. Developing low-resource languages includes the creation of sentiment analysis systems, corpora, lexica, programming language packages, etc. that use such languages. 

The potential of integrating low-resource into ICT includes improving research through advanced edutech tools, solving crime better, preserving endangered languages, better defence systems, and many other advantages that come with better analysis of a language that used to have no algorithmic solutions.

Enthusiastic Developers are needed to implement resource creation for low-resource languages. Edutech can greatly improve if this gap in resources is wedged. The researchers need to focus on preserving the languages that will potentially become instinct if no action is taken.

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